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Help is only a phone call away …

Just make sure the person on the other line is legitimate!

Have you ever gotten a call from “Microsoft”, or gone online to research a problem and found yourself talking to or chatting with “an authorized representative” of a known company – but is not really affiliated with that company at all?

There are some clever Scams out there.

Now let’s think about this for a minute…Did you register your computer with Microsoft when you purchased it?  Have you ever spoken with Microsoft in the past and given them your phone number or any other information? … Not likely.  Microsoft does not likely know you exist 🙂 …

But these scammers are good at what they do.  They have nothing to do with Microsoft (except use their name) – although they’ll likely tell you otherwise.  They’ll likely start off the conversation by telling you that your computer is infected with dangerous viruses, and/or Malware, been hacked, in danger of crashing, or there is imminent irreparable loss of data, etc..  They may point you to some log files on your computer that show errors and warnings (these actually exist – but are perfectly normal).  Usually, they want to take control of your computer (remotely).  Then, with their foot in the door, they can create problems for you, possibly downloading programs to your computer, and/or popping up false messages and warnings.  Not to mention, possibly stealing important or private information, or actually infecting your computer!  Then it usually comes around to the money.  For $39.99 – $75.00 – $150.00 – or $300.00 they can fix your computer and having it running like new!


Ignore these folks! 

It’s a SCAM … and a popular one.

I know of one case, in which the scammers took $300.00, then actually created a problem on the computer (after “cleaning it up”), so that the person would have to call back for more “help”! … and of course – pay more money!!

One of the best responses I’ve heard of – after listening to the opening scammer spill – was “that’s odd – I don’t have a computer” !

Or – “I’ll run that by my spouse (boss, friend) – they work for the FBI (or local police department) in the forensics department, and know all about computers”.

They’ll go away … there just usually phishing (like fishing 🙂 – and know nothing about you – or if you even own a computer (or smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) or not!

If you think you may actually have a problem with your computer, contact a reputable company (such as The Computer Man)

If you have a question or problem with your computer – call, email, or post on this site…I’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you, and give you some insight as to the “real” problem.

Michael (not from Microsoft)  🙂