On-site Service !

Sometimes, you have to take your equipment into a shop to be serviced…like your car.

And you have to go to a shop to get a haircut, or see a doctor (not too many doctors come on-site these days 🙂

But a lot of times, folks will come to you – such as a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, and The Computer Man.

I will come to your location – HomeOfficeHome-Office.

The Computer Man specializes in on-site service in Charlottesville VA, and surrounding areas.

There are a lot of advantages to on-site service.  You do not have to tear down your computer – put it in your vehicle, and drop it off at a store.  Then wait…

Nor do you have to pick up the repaired computer, bring it home or to your office, and set it back up.

And if something did not go quite right with the repair – repeat the procedure 🙁

I can perform most repairs and services right on-site.  If for some reason, the computer needs to be removed for repair – I will come and pick it up, and return it to you at the completion of the job.  I’ll set it up, connect all your devices, and let you test it.  If for some odd reason, I missed something – I will return at no charge and correct the problem.

On-site, I establish a relationship with my customers.  There is only me, so I am the one you see on each visit.  I can get a feel for your setup.  You can sit down with me (if you like) and watch, ask questions, and learn how to maintain your computer.  On-site, I fix your computer problem the same day (in most cases).

Sure, there are some advantages to taking your computer to a shop, or having someone access your computer remotely – perhaps a bit of a price break for instance…

But, personally I think the advantages of on-site service far outweigh the bit extra in cost (if there is any – I am very competitive in price).

So if you have a computer need, and want someone to come to you – then call The Computer Man – Have Tools…Will Travel…

Until then,