Why TCM ?

There are a lot of computer repair companies out there.  Why choose The Computer Man?  🙂

Here a few reasons:

Experience – The Computer Man has over 40 years of computing experience.  I have been working on computers long before PCs were born.  I have not see everything, but I have seen most things and can quickly locate and resolve problems.  So…an hour of my time is worth a lot more, due to the efficiency of my work 🙂

On-Site Service – TCM comes to you! … You do not have to pack up your equipment and take it to a store.  Then take it home and set it back up (and if for some reason the job was not done quite right – repeat the process).  I do my best to get it right the first time.  On-site!  If for some reason, I miss something or you’re not satisfied, I will return to you at no charge.  I do computer work and consulting for small business, home offices, and private individuals in the comfort of your office or home.

Reasonable Rates – My on-site labor rate is very reasonable (given the fact that I am coming to your location, the wear and tear on my vehicle, gas prices, etc.).  I do not charge for travel time within a 15 mile radius of Charlottesville.  My time starts when I walk into your door.  I only charge in 15 minutes increments after the initial hour (so 1.25 hours is just that – it does not get rounded to 2 hours).  I do travel beyond 15 miles (from the 16th mile on – billed at my labor rate).  I have to make money in order to survive of course, but the money is not my priority – your satisfaction is!  I strive for a very high level of service (see my Mission Statement).  My rate is the same for everyone.  If you’re a small business, you will not pay big business costs.  If you’re a home office or individual, you get the same attention as any of my business clients.

Small Business – Big Service – I am just a small business (there is only myself).  Therefore, I get to know you, your equipment, needs, and how you use your computer.  You see only me each visit.  We get to know each other.  I offer telephone and email service at no charge to my exiting clients! (unless it becomes very detailed or a very long session).

Honest and Reliable – I have no affiliation with any companies (software or hardware), so I will not try to sell you anything.  I will not attempt any procedure or work that I do not think you need.  I will help you with purchasing equipment and software if you like (I will even go shopping for you or with you).  If our appointment time is at 10:00 AM, I am there at 10:00AM (if not a few minutes before).  If in some rare instance (such as an emergency, flat tire :(, etc.),  I cannot be on time I will call you ahead of our appointment and let you know that I am delayed.

Computer Optimization – I setup your computer with the proper equipment (surge protection, backup devices, etc.), software (backup! – Antivirus and Anti-malware programs, etc.) to keep your computer running optimally and smoothly, and cut down on the visits required from me.

Knowledge – With experience comes knowledge.  I have both.  I can save you a lot of time, money, frustration, and aggravation with these valuable tools.

Longevity – I am now celebrating the 24th year of my business – The Computer Man.  I’ve been around, and will be around.  I have seen a lot of business come and go in that time.  And as I’ve stated above, I have over 40 years of computer experience.  If you need an expert – that would be me 🙂  I once had a friend, that said “you don’t want to take your car to a repair shop, and all the tools are clean and new looking – you want one who has some old tools, many times used, with some dings and scratches and grease on them” – the same thing applies to most any service, and computer service companies as well.

Options and Choices – There are a ton of them today.  They change almost daily 🙂 … Again, that’s where experience comes in.  I know what works, what does not, and what to avoid all together.  I can tailor these options and choices to your specific needs (as in the purchase of a new computer, printer, or router, etc.).

The list goes on … Give me a call if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to “talk things over”.  I’m available, and happy to assist!

Thanks for your time!